Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SA ups Table Mountain security to fight crime

Fifty murders per day fails to stir a response from the ANC gubbermunt.

But, a few tourists being mugged on Table Mountain, now, eish, that’s seriaass.

To the ANC, the argument is simple. No tourists = no money. Hau, not good.

And because tourists mean mo’ money for the gubbermunt, no expense is spared in ensuring their safety.

Too bad the locals are not worth the same effort.

There are even calls for ‘deploying the army’ no less. The army is good enough to protect visitors but too expensive to protect the locals who pay for them to play pretend soldiers when they could be put to good use manning road-blocks, searching cars, or guarding neighbourhoods. There is no method to the ANC madness.

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CAPE TOWN - Authorities are boosting security at South Africa's Table Mountain to fight crime that has caused a drop in tourist numbers, a Cape Town city official said on Thursday.

Councilor Simon Grindrod said the mountain's Signal Hill area -- popular with lovers seeking a secluded spot or tourists wanting unparalleled views across Table Bay -- will have 24-hour security in place from May 13.

The new measures include foot patrols, closed-circuit TV, panic buttons, motion detectors and increased lighting.

"South Africa is at the cusp of its biggest tourism draw card in its history, the 2010 Soccer World Cup," Grindrod said in a statement.

"It sends the wrong signal when we pack up and leave an attraction simply because of the threat of crime. Let us stand up and find a solution," he said, adding private security companies Chubb and Fidelity would provide their services for free as part of the new plan.

Some 1.5 million people visit Signal Hill every year, but increasing crime has seen access curbed significantly. Viewing will now be extended to 1:00am, Grindrod said.

South Africa, which has among the world's worst statistics for violent crime outside a war zone, is battling perceptions of being an unsafe destination ahead of the 2010 World Cup.

Crime on Table Mountain, with hikers and cyclists providing easy pickings for muggers, has prompted calls for the army to be deployed.

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Anonymous said...

I recently had the misfortune of working alongside the SANDF in one of thier peacekeeping missions abroad.
The only difrence between them and the criminals is that the goverment pays for the soldiers bullets.