Tuesday, June 30, 2009

South Africa gun owners get reprieve

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South African gun owners have received a stay on implementation of firearm laws that would have turned many of them into unwitting criminals.

These million or more citizens are already licensed to own their firearms and have committed no crime at all. At the stroke of midnight on 30 June 2009 they will turn into criminals, subject to jail sentences of 15 years if convicted in a court.

We learn from Independent Online News:

More than one million South African firearm owners who have not yet re-applied for their licences were given temporary reprieve by the High Court in Pretoria on Friday...The interim order will remain in effect pending the final outcome of the association's application to have certain sections of the new Firearms Control Act declared unconstitutional.

Abios Khoele, Chairman of the Black Gun Owners Association of South Africa, confirms to me by email:

The Firearm Control Act was today put on hold indefinitely by the Pretoria High Court. The Hunters Association challenged the gun law's constitutionality and won.

Here's more about BGOASA. Interesting. I'm looking forward to telling you more about them in the near future.

I've been following the gun law situation in South Africa for some time, after learning from a CBS News report that "every 26 seconds a woman is raped." I contacted Speak Out, an organization that has risen to prominence as a women's resource when it comes to rape, its prevention, and actions to take in its aftermath. You can find my correspondence, along with background information and the dismissive reply I received by clicking here.

Bottom line:

South African Rape Prevention & Support Group Maintains Women Have No Right to Self Defense

Fortunately, some of their citizens recognize madness when they see it. The challenge to the FCA, and the interim reprieve granted by the court, are hopeful indicators. I'll certainly keep my eye on developments there to talk about here.

For more information: Read "What is wrong with the FCA?" from Gun Owners of South Africa.

3 Opinion(s):

Ranger Tom said...

I keep on saying here in the states, the day they come for my guns I'll just give them the ammunition I've stockpiled.

One round at a time!

Dachshund said...

Notice how the Black Gun Owners Association fought for and managed to get this reprieve. Most whites handed their guns over long ago.

FishEagle said...

Speak Out’s response to the suggestion of using firearms for protection is absolutely shocking! I HATE the attitude shown by the person that responded to David Codrea‘s query. Basically ‘we are the poor, poor victims and you could never understand our misery so don’t expect anything from us.’ It’s not as if rape victims have a monopoly on suffering. It just shows the submissive nature of the psychological damage rape victims suffer after they experienced a rape trauma.

People need to be held accountable and rape victims should be expected to protect themselves just like everybody else in our society. (Of course they would carefully need to consider the possibility that some women (or men) that have suffered a rape may be tempted to turn a gun on themselves. That is a reality.) And it would be better if women learned to protect themselves before anything bad happened. Speak Out could have been the perfect platform to help women in this regard. Such a waste.